Autumn 2017 Sermons

10.30am Morning Service — The Book of Acts


We are delighted to be bringing you a series on Acts, for our Sunday morning sermons at Emmanuel, this autumn.

The Gospels all deal in the rock-solid certainty of life with Jesus – after all, the disciples had him with them, in human form, to lead and look after them as they took their own first faltering steps.

Acts is a kind of "part two" for Luke's gospel.

How would they manage once he had returned to heaven? How could 11 people be responsible for taking their message from one corner of the Roman Empire, to the other and starting a fire, which would spread across the whole world?

The first apostles had all the odds stacked against them and yet they succeeded in delivering the tall order Jesus gave them, to be his witnesses to the ends of the earth.

What was their secret? Can we share the secret with them, so we can succeed as witnesses, today?

Find out by joining us, as we come to learn together from Acts – part two of the greatest story ever told.

6.30pm Evening Service — Letter to the Philippians


When it comes to living as a Christian in day-to-day life, most of us want to 'have our cake and eat it'.  We want enough of the gospel to make us happy and secure, but not so much that it really changes our lives. And certainly not so much that it puts us in conflict with those around us.

The tiny and young church in Philippi that we'll meet on Sunday evenings knew these temptations. They also faced the strong influences of a society opposed to its message. They knew the pressure to compromise, and seek for an easier life.

So that is why the letter we know in the Bible as Philippians was written. Its author, Paul — one of Jesus's apostles — wrote to give this fledgling community inspiration and courage to never give up the Christian walk.

Come and join us to have your life transformed by the joyful and inspiring message of Philippians.