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February 2022

During the Covid-19 crisis the Missions Committee, with a wonderful team of volunteer bakers, supported the following causes with the sale of cakes and preserves until it was able to hold  monthly Saturday coffee mornings again, which re-started in August 2021.
We raised:
£   394
£   445
for Bible Society
for St Paul's Community Larder
for Christian Aid
£   853
for Sahodar UK
£   477
for The Bible Project
£   481
for Shekinah
£   517
for Christians Against Poverty
£   520
for Wycliffe Bible Translators
£   522
for Shalom University

The total sum of £7350 was raised during 2021-2022 through Missions of the Month, Mission Lunch and the Christian Aid collection.
The Church’s central funds supported Christian Resources Project, Shekinah Mission, Louise A, Church Army’s Edge Project in Selby and Cross Rhythms with funding of £3784.
During 2021 a review of the Mission causes to be supported by Emmanuel was begun.  The PCC suggested the emphasis should be on causes promoting the gospel and, particularly, where it was possible for the congregation to be personally involved through prayer as well as financial support.  The charities now being supported include many of those recommended by the congregation during The Commission to Mission in the Summer of 2021 and it is hoped to include others in the future.
The Missions Committee now has twelve members and it is hoped that we will be able to encourage more support, prayer, involvement and volunteering for Mission in the future.
Coffee Mornings
Coffee Mornings are held on the last Saturday of each month.  It is an opportunity to relax and socialise, learn about the causes and give support by buying cakes and preserves.  During 2022 we hope to raise funds in this way for the following:-
Naval and Military Bible Society
St Paul's Food Outreach
Christian Aid
Sahodar UK
Street Pastors
Mercy Ships
Soup Run
Church Army

The support we receive from the congregation at the coffee mornings is greatly appreciated.

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