Sunday Créche (0-4 Years): Sundays during the 10:30am Sunday service there is a full programme for children all tailored to different ages and stages. All welcome.
For more information contact Parish Office on 260317 (Mon-Fri, 9:00-12:00).

Kings Kids (4-11 Years): Each Sunday morning all the children join us in church for the start of our 10:30am service. We all hear a short children’s talk and then the children go out to Kings Kids. There are two different groups within Kings Kids.  There is Explorers for school years R-3 and Adventurers for school years 4-6.  We have great fun as we play games, sing together, listen to a Bible story and much more!  All welcome.
For more information contact Parish Office on 260317 (Mon-Fri, 9:00-12:00).

Pathfinders (11-14 Years): Our Pathfinders group also starts each Sunday with the rest of the church family in the main church building. After the children’s talk the teenagers head out to their group.  We meet in the youth room and spend time relaxing with friends, playing games and joining in with a Bible study.  All welcome.
For more information contact Parish Office on 260317 (Mon-Fri, 9:00-12:00).

Bereans (14-18 Years): Meet in the youth room on Sundays 6:30-8:00pm for bible study and games!
For more information contact Parish Office on 260317 (Mon-Fri, 9:00-12:00).

Youth Band: Youth band meets Mondays 6:00-7:30pm with Steve Martin in the church.
For more information contact Parish Office on 260317 (Mon-Fri, 9:00-12:00).

Mainly Music: Monday’s between 1:30pm and 3:00pm – Young children develop skills – co-ordination, fine motor movements, large motor movements, social interaction, appreciation of music and musical styles, and language development. Mainly Music provides children with a structured learning environment and then a time of free play. It brings adult and child together for a time of safe interaction, and in doing so, teaching adults rhymes and songs that can be used at home to help with cleaning up, colours, counting, and more.
For more information contact Ruth Yarwood on 243729.

Scouts & Guides: Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Guides – The aim of the Association is to provide Physical, Spiritual and Mental development of young people aged 6 to 18 so they can fulfil their role in society. Rainbows, Brownies and Guides – Mary Walters The purpose and aim of the sections is for the girls aged 6 to 14 to have fun and broaden their outlook with a variety of activities not normally experienced.
For more information contact Pete Hosking on 793151 (Scouts) or Mary Walters on 770058 (Guides).

School Assemblies: Both clergy and youth workers are available for taking assemblies both at primary and secondary schools, given prior notice.
For more information contact Parish Office on 260317 (Mon-Fri, 9:00-12:00).

Schools Week: We need to remember that, although you can see the colour of an apple by looking, you have to bite into it to discover the apple’s true flavour. In the same way the church building is only the epidermis of Christian experience. People visiting the church will need to get beyond the bricks and mortar and to meet the worshiping community. It is with this in mind that once a year, during May, Emmanuel runs a schools week. The event is now in its 12th year and is held up by Exeter Diocese as a beacon of good practice A time when local schools bring their children to help them fulfil part of their SACRE curriculum, and to experience what it is like to be part of a church community
For more information contact Parish Office on 260317 (Mon-Fri, 9:00-12:00).

Holiday Club: To reach outside the church community in order to share the Christian faith with young children and their families. The reputation for a youth ministry at Emmanuel is growing! Our books were full within about two weeks of advertising. Another great year for devoted (and mad!) helpers and children alike!
For more information contact Parish Office on 260317 (Mon-Fri, 9:00-12:00).

Child Protection Policy: In acceptance of the prime duty of care placed upon the Incumbent and Parochial Church Council (PCC) and as part of our ongoing commitment to the care and safety of children and young people in our parish the following is suggested in addition to the House of Bishops’ Policy on Child Protection. As a parish we will:

  • Adopt procedures in Local Oversight Groups to allow the following policy to be implemented across all areas of children’s and youth work.
  • Be committed to the continual appointment of a child protection coordinator that must ensure any concerns about a child or behaviour of an adult are appropriately handled.
  • Appoint children’s advocates; these advocates should be people whom the children know they can talk to about any problems if they so wish and should include at least one male and one female.
  • Create and maintain a board display outlining our policy and informing parents of the measures we have in place.
  • This is also to include pictures of the children’s advocates, and the Childline telephone number.
  • Produce a standard handout flyer outlining our position regarding child protection and make it available to the parents of new children attending events.
  • Ensure all those authorised to work with children and young people or in authority are appropriately appointed, trained and supported:
    • Enhanced DBS checks for all leaders with vastly reduced responsibilities for leaders until checks are complete.
    • Annual Training in Child Protection available with attendance required for all new appointments.
  • All leaders to receive a copy of this policy along with procedures and good practice guidelines.
  • Create a culture of informed vigilance which takes children seriously.
  • Ensure those who may pose a threat to children and young people are effectively managed and monitored.
  • Provide, as appropriate, support for all parents and families, being aware particularly of parents whose children have suffered abuse.
  • Ensure appropriate pastoral care for adults who have disclosed that they have been abused as children.
  • Ensure that appropriate health and safety policies and procedures are in place.
  • Provide appropriate insurance cover for all activities undertaken in the name of the parish.
  • Review this policy and the implementation thereof at least annually.

For more information contact Parish Office on 260317 (Mon-Fri, 9:00-12:00).