Anyone living within North Sutton parish (please see our parish map) is eligible to apply for baptism, either for themselves or for their child/ren.

If you live outside the parish, and don’t already attend either St Paul’s or Emmanuel church, you would be expected to apply to your local parish church. The only means by which we could consider your baptism application would be if you already had a regular pattern of attendance with us or were prepared to establish one.

If you go to the web site ‘A Church Near You’ it will show you our parish and tell you what yours is as well as how to get in touch with the parish church.

If you would like you baby / toddler baptised, or would like to be baptised yourself, we require you to attend one of our parish churches for a minimum of three months beforehand (at least two Sundays per month). We also ask you to attend a series of four evenings which explain the meaning and commitment of baptism.
Initial enquires should be made via the Parish Office on 260317 (Mon-Fri, 9:00-12:00).