The 19th century, protestant Swiss minister, Emil Brunner famously said, “The Church exists for mission as a fire exists for burning.”

In that sense, everything we do as a church is about mission – about drawing people ever closer to the middle of our church family community which has Christ as its centre. In short, to enable people to know Christ and to make Him known.

To that end we take our Sunday and social life very seriously and pour much of our resource into them. So too into our courses which, being a further step in towards ‘the hub’, ¬†are aimed at introducing the enquirer to faith in Jesus. thence deepening their discipleship and finally of course, discerning and enabling people’s gifts and ministries.

Roughly every two years we aim to ‘press the accelerator a little harder’ in what could be called a ‘mission’. This is either of our own devising or by participating in a national, regional or citywide initiative such as those organised or promoted by the Peninsula Gospel Partnership (PGP), or indeed our Diocese of Exeter.